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Overview of the Physicians Cookbook!

Improve the way you can reach your Patients and Potential Patients with my Physicians Cookbook.

This book is dedicated to the Legacy of those Men and Women who strive to create a better world with their expertise and commitment to providing Healthcare Services.

Physicians Cookbook includes hundreds of proven Relationship Marketing Recipes for Success, including the success ingredients of Lectures, In-House Promotions, Event Management, Health Fairs, and much more in order to deliver your Valuable Services to more patients!

Take a Bite before the Dish

Learn Relationship Marketing Strategies such as In-House Marketing, Outside Marketing and Marketing to Professionals, and much more with my Physicians Cookbook. I will assist you in improving your ability to deliver your services to more patients with advanced Relationship Marketing Strategies and Promotional ideas.


This book is for Chiropractors, MDs, Dentists, Acupuncturists, Podiatrists, PTs, PAs, Optometrists

Thank you for your interest in my most recent book, The Physicians Cookbook: Marketing Recipes for Success.  Let me tell you a little bit about the history of my writing this book.  A lot of my ideas come from some of the greatest leaders in today’s knowledge industry.  I have studied and learned with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Brendan Burchard and Russell Brunson.  The person who inspired me for this book wrote a book called Funnel Hackers Cookbook.  The name of that person is Russell Brunson.

This book the Physicians Cookbook is a compilation of over 30 years of my experience as a Physician.  When you receive this book you will notice that it is broken down into 14 distinct chapters.  Each chapter represents a different aspect of marketing that I found to be very important in building a successful practice.  The chapters are:

  1. Marketing to Attorneys.
  2. Your clinic biography
  3. Clinic events
  4. Health fairs
  5. Sharing the spirit of the holidays
  6. Health lectures
  7. Local merchant marketing
  8. Newsletters
  9. Marketing to Medical Doctors
  10. Planning and Preparation
  11. Special promotions
  12. Street fairs
  13. Surveys
  14. Testimonials

Each chapter has a detailed introduction which explains the basic concepts behind each of the chapters and how to implement these concepts.

Chapter 1

Attorney marketing involves approaching attorneys who deal with clients who require the services you can provide as a professional in your particular field.

In the case of Healthcare professionals such as Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Acupuncturists, Attorneys can prove to be a key source of business, relationships and development of your brand and image in the Community.

Having good communication with other practicing professionals is invaluable once other professionals recommend your services to their clients that might show symptoms that you specialize in dealing with. Likewise, you are then compelled to refer your patients to other practicing professionals, who might be able to help your patients with something that you cannot help them with. In that case, it will greatly help you build and maintain more professional relationships.

The cycle continues, and both you and your professional colleagues help each other grow while Attorneys serve as the “linchpins”. This is why reaching out to attorneys is so important for professionals in the Healthcare field:  Attorneys can act as great sources of business and communication for healthcare professionals.

Chapter 1: Referral Marketing to Attorneys

Attorney marketing involves approaching attorneys who deal with clients who require the services you can provide as a professional in your particular field.

In the case of Healthcare professionals such as Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Acupuncturists, Attorneys can prove to be a key source of business, relationships and development of your brand and image in the Community.

Chapter 2: Clinic Biography and Promotional Materials

Spending the time and money to produce a flyer of your office which gives both a visual picture of the Clinic and a brief history of your office and how it has developed as part of the Community, is a key strategic piece in the marketing efforts of your practice.  Here is why:  when you pass out these flyers, leave them with merchants, give them to other professionals or businesses and they in turn give this flyer to a possible patient for your office, the following has already occurred.  The prospective patient can visualize being in your office because now they know what it looks like.  They know a little bit about your history and your Context for being a part of the Community.

Chapter 3: Clinic Events and Marketing Strategies

Being a part of any Community, it is essentital to participate in the annual and semi-annual events that the residents celebrate.  It is important, therefore, for any business to give support and provide “volunteers” to these efforts.  This is especially important for a Health Care Facility as the Health of the members of the Community is such a crucial area of concern and interest to all its members!

Chapter 4: Health fairs and other promotional campaigns

Health fairs are a great way to attract potential patients and generate interest in your services. These fairs are often sponsored by local hospitals and hotels and attract new patients for any medical professional running a health care facility. The purpose is to encourage medical professionals within the community to socialize amongst each other and familiarize themselves with their community.

Chapter 5: The Holiday Spirit needs to be shared

Holidays are a time of universal celebration for many different people all over the world. It is important for us to focus on these celebrations that people love in order to help our businesses grow. Holidays seem to be a time when people focus on their happiness and where they’re going to be growing and going in the upcoming year.

Chapter 6: Lectures

Lectures in or out of the office are critical to your success in marketing and attracting new patients. Less than 5% of the population knows what Chiropractic does and other percentages are similar for the public’s familiarity with the value other Healthcare providers and their Specialities.  Education through lectures gives your potential patient the opportunity to know the benefits and value of these types of treatments.

Learn about the secret

Recipes of marketing with Healthcare Provider's Cookbook.


You can educate your potential patients through lectures about the benefits, risks, and value of different healthcare treatments.

Local Merchant Marketing

People refer patients to you if they recognize you, if they know who you are and if they trust you, and this is what Local Merchant Marketing is all about.


A newsletter is a tool used by businesses to share valuable information with their network of subscribers and customers.

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Dr. William Fishkin has helped people find the Medical Services they need with Relationship Marketing techniques.

Dr. William Fishkin has been focused on one goal since he had understood the dynamics of Relationship Marketing and how these tactics can change and improve the lives of many Patients who would otherwise not have access to the Services of other Healthcare Providers. He is committed to “teaching others in the Industry and making a difference in the world with Relationship Marketing techniques."


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Referral Marketing allows you to build relationships with your current and potential clients and other practicing professionals within your field of choice.

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Become a part of healthcare fairs and a promotional campaign to reflect who you are and what services you offer, helping build an established rapport with your community partners.


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